Panasonic Analog Cameras

Panasonic Analog Cameras
Product Code : WV-CL930

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1/2 inch interline transfer CCD
Ultra high sensitivity: 0.09 lux (Color), 0.008 lux (B/W) at F1.4 / 0.003 lux (Color), 0.0003 lux (B/W) at F1.4 with Sens Up 32x
ABF (Auto Back Focus) adjustment
Built-in VMD (Video Motion Detector)

  • Description
  • 1/2 inch CCD delivers high sensitivity high quality picture.
  • ABF (Auto Back Focus) allows easy installation and stable focus in both color and B/W modes.
  • Adaptive Digital Noise Reduction: 2D-DNR and 3D-DNR integration ensures reduced noise in various conditions.
  • Peak mode enables appropriate light control to represent sharp bright object.
  • BLC (Back Light Compensation): Preset/Manual (Mask 8 x 6) with Peak mode and level control
  • Electronic sensitivity enhancement: Auto (Up to 32x) / Manual (Up to 128x)
  • Electronic shutter from 1/100 (NTSC), 1/120 (PAL) to 1/10,000 sec.
  • Scene Change Detection alarms when lens is covered, spray painted, removed or defocused.